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The great foodscape with Monisha Mehta

India is a country which is known for its rich cultural heritage, its immensely beautiful, vivid landscape and of course it’s FOOD! With a vast array of cuisines, a plethora of dishes and a unique charm in the way of cooking, it’s no surprise that Indian Food is renowned all over the world. It is our style of cooking, the flavours, the aroma, the colours and the punch of spices which sets us apart in the global expanse of Food.

With over 2,00,000 earnest followers on Instagram, Monisha Mehta is a Food and Lifestyle Influencer on this ever so popular platform. She has worked in conjuncture with critically acclaimed Food Destinations in her city, Bombay . She has been by several respected restaurants and hotels to review their food, ambience, hospitality and record her experiences to share with her immense online audience. She has reviewed well-known restaurants like Poco Loco, Chin Chin Chu, Oven Story, Finch, Vandal to name a few and several others. Adding to this credible list are The Hotels and Resorts she has visited to review, are Radisson Blu, The Fern, VITS, IBIS, Hotel Silver Leaf, Hotel Maple Ivy, Pratap Niwas Palace, and Monteria Resort.

Her blogs are the amalgamation of exploring new restaurants, trying out different cultures and cuisines, reviewing mouth-watering dishes, recording the aesthetics of the ambience and trying her very best to make the audience feel like they’re in her place and experiencing her delicious journeys up-close and unfiltered.
Her blogs keep all the foodies in her audience enthralled by suggesting some of the best food places to visit in her city, keeping them up-to-date with the newest food attractions opening up in the city, reviewing and recommending lip-smacking dishes at popular eateries and everything in between.

She says, ‘’There’s so much happiness and a sense of satisfaction in doing what you love! I wake up every day feeling fulfilled, motivated and blessed to be able to do what I do. When it comes to working towards a life goal like being a food and lifestyle content creator is for me, there is no bigger motivator than passion & having an audience to watch your content on a daily basis on one of the biggest social media platforms, there is no bigger humbling factor”!

Talking about challenges in the content creation field she adds “Creating Content which is fresh and interesting is the only way to stay relevant in this industry. At times, Influencers go through creative droughts & not feeling motivated enough. Never letting up on your dream and to keep persevering till you make is the only way to go!”

In her most recent food adventure, she is also exploring travel niche where she is visiting different parts of India. She recently travelled to Ratnagiri to uncover the hidden gems through Maharashtra Tourism.

Just like A blend of all cuisines, her Instagram page is an absolute treat to look at!

Follow her journey on Instagram “@itsmonishamehta” to know more about food, travel and lifestyle.

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