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Google and Renault declare partnership to design a ‘software-defined vehicle’

Google’s Android Automotive has been gradually getting pace in recent years with more vehicle manufacturers picking the in-car entertainment and control system. A new deeper partnership between Renault and Google plans to deliver a “software-defined vehicle,” or as they have all the more intensely claimed the “vehicle of tomorrow.”

No subtleties have been shared on how Google and Renault plan to differentiate this project from the Android Automotive system tracked down in cars from Volvo, Polestar, Honda, General Motors, and more. A press release states that Google will become the “preferred” cloud supplier to Renault Group. This will assist with speeding up Renault’s “Move to Cloud” technique and could see more in-depth utilization of AI capabilities for upcoming vehicles.

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai claims that this partnership will “help accelerate Renault Group’s digital transformation” by providing in-depth knowledge and expertise in “cloud, AI, and Android to provide for a secure, highly personalized experience that meets customers’ evolving expectations.”

Connection to Google Cloud services are said to give OTA updates and “streamlined” access to car data. A tenet of this is being known as the “Digital Twin” system. Basically a digital copy of the vehicle, this will consider advanced AI capabilities and persistent integration of new services. Renault claims that this will consider “better performance” and “higher profitability.”

Google Cloud technology will allow the SDV (software defined vehicle) to more readily predict maintenance requirements, offer adaptive driving support, and versatile driving data like where the closest EV charging station can be accessed.

As noticed, it’s not clear the way in which this really differentiates what Renault and Google desire to accomplish with a “software-defined vehicle” versus the generally great Android Automotive system that numerous EVs and ICE vehicles can as of now access. Renault as of now offers its Mégane E-Tech with the system pre-loaded, and it’s unclear on the off chance that older cars will be relocated to this new system or on the other hand if only upcoming vehicles will profit from this partnership pushing ahead.

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