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President Donald Trump divulges 2020 trademark to replace 2016 rallying cry during campaign rally

President Donald Trump uncovered the 2020 re-election campaign trademark to replace his Make America Great Again mantra from 2016.

“Make America Great Again” was the best political motto ever, however it’s the ideal opportunity for a change, Donald Trump told the adoring audience Tuesday at his campaign kickoff rally in Orlando.

“We’ve made America great again, but how do you give up the number one call it theme, logo, statement, in the history of politics for a new one?” the president asked the crowd.

“You know there is a new one that really works, and that’s called ‘Keep America Great.’ Right? ‘Keep America Great.'”

Donald Trump guaranteed his presidential residency has borne genuine his new campaign trademark, indicating his administration’s achievements.

“We have really done it,” the Republican said. “We have rebuilt our military, it’s still in the process.”

“We’ve taken care of our vets. We’ve cut the hell out of regulations.”

Donald Trump commented on the off chance that he loses in 2020 under the “Keep America Great” banner, individuals will criticize the motto change. Be that as it may, so sure is the president, he didn’t consider a 2020 misfortune to be within the domain of probability.

“If I do it with a new theme… and if I lose, people are going to say ‘what mistake that was’,” he claimed. “But we’re not going to lose so it’s not going to matter.”

The president then uttered each trademark, waiting for the crowd to give a response to each individually. Both slogans inspired booming cheers from the group.

A little more than four years back, Donald Trump descended through the pink marble and brass atrium of Trump Tower to report his candidacy for president, the first step on a journey couple of experts believed would take him all the way to the White House.

This time, a great many supporters arrived over 40 hours ahead of time to verify a spot in the Amway Center, notwithstanding sweltering warmth to see him officially report his re-election campaign. Some had been camped in chairs for several nights.

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