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Unveils Massive 34-Inch Mi Surface Gaming Monitor And The Standard 24-Inch

If you are a gaming freak you’ll be aware of the importance of choosing the best gaming monitor. It is a great idea to consider a monitor with massive screen size. This makes the gaming experience extraordinary. You are able to play the game with great concentration. Large screen size of the monitor allows you to play with more enthusiasm. You enjoy your game playing sessions even more.

Xiaomi is a Chinese mobile company that is creating a new line of gaming monitors. If you want to buy a gaming monitor strictly for gaming, you should consider buying the new Mi Surface offered by Xiomi. This is a massive monitor that comes with a large screen size. There is no stopping when you have this monitor. The screen size is 34-inches which is bigger than the standard size of the monitor.

Xiaomi is a company that is known for producing high-quality TVs and different electronic devices. Just recently, the company has developed its product line by offering you an optimal size gaming monitor series. There is a wide range of monitors you can choose from. The new Massive Mi surface gaming monitor comes with amazing features. It comes with a low Blu-Ray performance mode. You can see light videos with this feature. It also possesses AMD Freesync Technology support. It also comes with bracket sets which enable you to change the position of your monitor. You can rotate and lift it according to your convenience. The display technology of Xiaomi gaming monitors is advanced.

The Mi Display 23.8-inch gaming monitor comes with a smaller screen. However, it gives you a full HD resolution. You can also view the screen from different angles. This monitor also comes with brackets which help you adjust the visibility of the monitor from different angles. This is a lower-end monitor that comes with a minimalistic design. It comes with HDMI ports.

The two monitors offered by Xiaomi come with a hassle-free warranty of 3-years. So far, the company has only released these monitors in China. The company is planning to release these monitors in other regions as well in the near future. These monitors are quite versatile. They can even be used in offices to carry out office work. They are ideal for gaming and movie watching. They give you optimal image resolutions which makes everything you see on the screen appear clearly. These monitors are high-resolution monitors which give you great gaming experience.

This Chinese company is going to face a cut-throat competition with Samsung who is the giant of the industry. However, loyal customers of the brand have high expectations with their monitors. Although Samsung is a prominent leader in the industry, Xiaomi is also going to make a mark in the industry because of its feature-driven and cost-effective monitors. These monitors don’t even break your bank. You can enhance your gaming experience without spending a lot of your money. If you are thinking about replacing your monitor, you should consider these two monitors and choose the one which meets your needs.

Rekha Purohit teaches in the English department at a well known University. Many feel Rekhas' most famous work is her short story. She has completed her technical degree from India. Now she is onboard with Resident Weekly as a freelance writer for Technical News.
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