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Multi-skilled entrepreneur Jamal Taleb suggests a few entrepreneurial tips for others to achieve success

He is a young CEO and Founder of his social app named BondApp and is also a realtor and investor.

Enough has already been said about many young entrepreneurs of the world who have believed in their dreams before making it huge in their chosen industries. Well, there is no doubt that these individuals have pushed their limits for attaining the success they have desired, but the ones that have gone ahead to become versatile professionals have gone beyond boundaries. These youngsters have radiated pure brilliance and passion for taking over their areas of interest and have along the way also inspired many others. The entrepreneurial world and the success one may get in the same may all get quite overwhelming for people, but one needs to hold his/her ground and be ready to go under the grind to make it huge in their respective sectors, believes a young and successful entrepreneur named Jamal Taleb. This young guy proves what hard work and consistent efforts can do in making a successful career.

As soon as he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering from Northeastern University, he started working towards creating a strong career for himself. The engineering and technology field attracted him since the beginning and hence, he went ahead to become an engineering consultant. However, Jamal Taleb was also a hungry entrepreneur who wished to spread his wings in other sectors. This led him towards becoming a licensed real estate broker, an investor with his firm ‘Taleb Realty Inc’ and inventor and holds many managerial positions in companies across Boston.

Below are a few entrepreneurial tips that, according to him, will help others attain success.

• Never shy away from taking help: Many new entrepreneurs feel shy to ask the right questions to professionals in the field. Jamal Taleb says that people need to be fearless and ask for help to others as they would get tones of resources in the industry. This will allow them to create more contacts and also build new ideas.
• Create a robust business plan: Planning is of utmost importance in starting any business in any industry, says Jamal Taleb. By creating a smart business plan, people can define their unique skills and lay out their strengths and weaknesses and the different products/services they offer. This will help them to be mentally prepared for any challenges in their path.
• Always keep learning: People who think they know it all can never get nearer their visions and goals in life. Individuals must always make sure to learn new things each day and implement the same in work to experience magical results, suggests Jamal Taleb. This will not only help them learn new things but also broaden their mindset for the better.

Jamal Taleb is the young mind who has come up with a unique social app named BondApp, which has thrilled people with its innovative feature, helping in breaking the ice on the spot by connecting with people on the go, from where they can take it forward offline.

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