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Important tips for creating a productive life from a leading Gastroenterologist of the US – Dr Jonathan Kung.

Productivity is not only about work, but much more than that says the ace doctor, speaker and athlete.

People speak a lot about choosing a healthy lifestyle and an active life, but how many times do we really make genuine efforts to create that life for us? Let’s just be honest here that we have hardly paid much attention to creating a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and have chosen shortcuts like medications and fad diets to achieve our health goals. However, one of the leading doctors of the US named Dr Jonathan Kung, who is a known Gastroenterologist, believes that “A healthy mind and active lifestyle is a healthy gut”. He is a true example of a versatile professional who also lives a life happily outside his medical profession. He has focused great energy on remaining fit daily and hence trains hard at the gym like a boxer. Not just that, Dr Jonathan Kung loves to play soccer, basketball and does resistance training and martial arts.

Below are a few important tips for creating a productive life by this dynamic personality that he believes can help people stay on track.

• Make a good to-do-list: To avoid getting confused or feeling lost about what one desires to do in life, always create a good to-do-list. Dr Jonathan Kung feels that this will help people become less anxious about what they need to do next and make them feel more excited to take on the task.
• Break-up the workday: In trying to become a superhuman, many people try to do things all at once and wish to complete tasks in just one day, which is not the key to being more productive, says Dr Jonathan Kung. He points out that people need to break up tasks that may take longer to get completed. Taking small breaks in between, in fact, will turn individuals more productive, as it will help them in building more ideas to complete their task better.
• Invest time in yourself: Being productive is also about giving time to yourself, says Dr Jonathan Kung, who himself has set great examples to the world by emphasizing that a single profession/hobby alone cannot define individuals. He says people must choose activities that can make them physically and mentally fit, which will help them think and act better at work and life, making them more productive.

For this board-certified doctor who works as an Assistant Professor of Medicine with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Manhattan, and the one who has done advanced training in interventional endoscopy, the motto is to stay active, no matter how busy a person may get and live a life that individuals envision themselves living.

Also, as a motivational speaker, he says that being productive every day doesn’t just relate to work, but it is more than just that, which also includes self-motivation and repeating the goals to oneself each day for attaining them faster by putting consistent efforts.

To gain more insights, follow him on Instagram @jonny_kay.

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