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Gursewak Singh Jaisal, A Leading Influencer’s and an Entrepreneur’s journey of driving the youth towards passion.

Enhancing your skills and building a network is the only way to achieve your goals and  Gursewak Singh Jaisal exemplifies it. Kickstarting his career at the 18, he has come a long way since then and today, he is the director of one of the most renowned companies called  WAF Entrepreneurs. By promoting Entrepreneurship, Gursewak has managed to change several people’s lives. Connecting with people and assisting them in their business wasn’t effortless but his passion didn’t let him back down. Many people are aware of the lifestyle he leads but only a few know about the force behind it. 

Gursewak’s Odyssey To Success

In contrast to several people’s beliefs, life didn’t hand him everything on a silver platter. Coming from a middle-class family, it gets challenging to demolish the social norms but Gursewak  Singh Jaisal’s determination allowed him to pave his way to victory. Working in various professions like Photography, Tourism, Event Management, and Real Estates allowed him to gain the most underrated skillsets like self-reliance and management skills. 

Gursewak Singh also did various jobs in several firms. It allowed him to get experiential knowledge but he didn’t find his passion in them. While looking for jobs, Gursewak came across WAF Entrepreneurs whose motto was intriguing. Teaming up with the firm was his life-changing decision.

What Kept Him Motivated

Today, Gursewak Singh Jaisal is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs who has reached expertise in several fields. As a social media influencer, he and his team have influenced several people and have driven them towards their goals. As a director of the reputed firm,  Gursewak has strived hard and has teamed up with several IT firms as well. Partnering up with firms as Samsung and Hitachi helped Gursewak Singh to grow his career exponentially. 

By being the founder of network4group, Gursewak Singh is already making his way to success in the field of networking. Orange Ventures is already a success in the field of Real Estate. Coming up with the idea and making these two firms successful was only possible because of Gursewak’s ability to take risks. His passion for uplifting people’s careers and driving them towards their goals is what motivated him to keep going. 

Throughout his journey to success, Gursewak had to deal with many ups and downs. But his consistent efforts to strive hard and impact people’s lives allowed him to be at the pinnacle of success. When he was asked about his journey, he said “ Nothing will stop you when you are already working to add some value to people’s lives. The only way to succeed is to start adding 

value in people’s lives and be the change.” 

Future Endeavors

Gursewak Singh Jaisal has achieved several milestones and today, he exemplifies  Entrepreneurship. During his college days, he founded the worldfilmandartorganization. Several events and short films were done under this banner. Recently, Gursewak also produced in an  International Punjabi news channel named JusPunjabi.

Gursewak Singh Jaisal is aware of the growing competition and he is thriving to be the best in the field. His focus is to bring a positive change in society by promoting Entrepreneurship and he won’t stop striving till he drives the youth to be the change.

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