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Meet True Savvy Labor, The Moving Company Helping Metro Atlanta Communities During This Pandemic

Though more City of Atlanta businesses are closing their doors because of increasing crime and violence in the metropolitan area, one business owner is determined to groom his workforce “muscle” into entrepreneurs. As local leaders and nonprofit organizations in the community brainstorm ways businesses and resident’s safety concerns can be met, local Stone Mountain, GA standout Micah Blount is not waiting around for things to change. “They are always busy”, Blount proudly exclaims when asked how he can instill a positive entrepreneurial mindset in his labor force.

“Like Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, I also saw the water boys as burgeoning entrepreneurs. I definitely don’t want to see them arrested; truth be told I’m just answering Mayor Bottom’s call for businesses that will offer safe occupations for these young men.” Without further ado, here is our sit-down talk with Micah on why his moving company, True Savvy Labor is moving minds in Atlanta:

Bari: What has been your biggest challenge operating your moving company?

Blount: The biggest challenge with running a moving company is managing a high retention rate due to hiring future entrepreneurs.  Rather than be fixed on their inexperience, we highlight potentials. We focus on developing our employee’s passions and ventures. By working with us they learn the tools necessary to manage and maintain themselves and others.

Bari: What did you do to try and solve this challenge?

Blount: We have partnered with 1Powerhouse non-profit organization to create work-release programs for juvenile offenders. These programs will teach the troubled youth how to obtain a job, manage their time constructively, and give them the tools to keep a job. The older young men will be funneled to our company to work and learn intermediate to advanced labor skills.

Bari: How has this changed you and how your moving company is operated?

Blount: We now have an entirely new training approach to the job market. We are developing systems which prepare the young or new employees how to enter a customer’s home as working professionals. A lot of safety and communications training.

Bari: What outlook can someone expect when booking one or more of your services?

Blount: True Savvy Labor LLC is your local home relocation specialist. We aim to take the stress away from the entire relocation process. We provide services needed to comfortably transition a customer into their new home. Move into your home worry-free. For years, True Savvy safely has packed and disassembled, loaded, and transported, then unloaded belongings to many metro-Atlanta homes. True Savvy services have the option of removing unwanted items, deep clean, and repainting of home interior to your satisfaction.

Bari: How long have you serviced the greater Atlanta metropolitan area?

Blount: We started very small 6 years ago and grew our customer base tremendously over the past few years.

Bari:  Can you expand on True Savvy Labor community outreach.

Blount: True Savvy consist of skilled and licensed professionals who are attentive to detail, honest and respectable. We hope that we can continue to build a bridge to employment for the average American. True Savvy is blessed to have been able to meet some great people, network and make the connections through our services. We are reinvesting time and resources back into our employees and loyal customers. We are fostering an environment in which an artistic kid exhibiting entrepreneurial qualities can find encouragement. True Savvy has partnered with 1Powerhouse in Stone mountain and True Life Restoration Foundation to be wherever help is needed in our communities. A few of our guys are musically gifted so we allocated some of those resources and connections to give our guys a little push. They created a new single that creates a whole vibe in the club/bar. Check it out Headache by Trazy Rocc feat. TuesdayNightSwim and Otg HiTech. It is a club banger.

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