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Bruna Rubio Dazzles the All-star Judging Panel for America’s Got Talent’s Latin Version

There is a brand-new Spanish Music Competition starting to air across the United States as well as Mexico! This exciting new TV Show plays off the classic American Idol series that gained so much momentum across the United States and has produced countless stars. Cuanto Vale tu Show is a Spanish-Singing competitive TV Show, filmed originally in the beginning of 2020 and with the pandemic sweeping the nation, filming was put on pause. The show is set to start resuming filming in early January 2021. Cuanto Vale tu Show will make its debut in Los Angles on Channel 22.

This new show will also air on TV stations across cities in the United States as well as Mexico. Bruna will star as one of the judges on the show and says “you are going to see me cry and laugh a lot throughout the season. I am so sensitive when it comes to people and their dreams of success. This show specifically, is a very special show to me because I can be a part of making someone’s dreams come true! Keep up with Bruna and all of her upcoming shows and movies across her social media platforms and as always check for updates on the release of Cuanto Vale tu Show by visiting Bruna’s website at

Check for updates on the release of this TV Show by visiting Bruna’s website  at follow her on Instagram @BrunaRubio. Here you can also see updates on the many other projects she is working on this year. This is only one of many projects she is a part of, the others Bruna herself wrote, co-wrote or had her production company, Goldheart Productions, produce.


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