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Make yourself globally ready by learning different languages with Justlearn

The online language learning education-technology platform has amassed over 20,000 dollars in revenue.

In today’s times, with diverse culture of multi-national companies, language has turned out to be an important tool of communication and has nullified the barriers of communication to a great extent. Many employees, high-end staff and CEOs have had to learn a new language to enhance or expand their business to different countries. To reach out to the core of any state or country’s population, it has become evident that communicating in the client’s local language yields great results. To stamp your mark globally, one must have the knowledge of different languages. So an education-technology which provides online learning of various languages was created. The portal is called Justlearn and is owned by Mr Philip Rossen.

Justlearn provides courses in over 75 different languages to its students. Justlearn provides effective and quick learning to the people who are learning a new language as well as working daily. The website gives its students an option to connect with native language speakers. It also provides an opportunity for students to connect with teachers of their native language, directly.

Justlearn believes in personalized training to learn any foreign language. Learning an alien language is no walk in the park for many, and for that, Justlearn has created a unique learning environment for students and also adheres to any complaints regarding the teacher. It also provides quality advice, especially to beginner level students and helps them in understanding the core of that alien language. To maintain its brand value and image, Justlearn only hires high-end and premium tutors to educate the students more efficiently.

By signing up on Justlearn, the students achieve fluency and peculiarities of the language and that helps them spectacularly on the global stage. In this Covid-19 era, many online businesses have started and if you can communicate in a particular language, then it creates a bond and trust in your business immediately.

The Danish CEO Philip Rossen became a successful entrepreneur by the age of 23 has himself learned many languages and has had a global reach because of it. Justlearn amassed 20,000 Dollars in revenue, a staggering figure which is an indication of the boom in the number of new language learning students.

Presently, Justlearn has more than 50,000 active students learning various languages with over 1000 lesson a month and more than 100,000 visitors on their website monthly. It readies the students for the global market that too at affordable prices. Justlearn has achieved global recognition and in turn, has helped its students get the same.

Hilda Garner has done her majors in journalism from Michigan. Her younger sister is also a successful writer, and the rivalry between the two is legendary. Since becoming a full-time writer, Hilda has published several books. She is currently working as a freelance writer on
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