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Bajaj Launches the First CNG Bike, the Freedom 125, for a Price of Rs. 95,000

The Bajaj Freedom 125 uses a 2 L petrol tank and a 2 kilogramme CNG tank to give it a combined range of 330 kilometres.

At Utsah in Pune, Bajaj Auto unveiled the world’s first motorcycle powered by compressed natural gas today. The motorcycle, known as the Freedom 125, has attracted a lot of interest because to numerous spies on it in recent years. The primary features of this traditional commuter motorcycle are its efficiency and low cost of ownership. It is loaded with contemporary innovations.

Round LED headlights, stylish rearview mirrors, knuckle guards, an upright handlebar, understated side panels, and a tubular grab rail are some of the highlights of the Bajaj Freedom 125. Sump guard, black alloy wheels, mid-set footpegs, a small flyscreen, a side-mounted exhaust system, and utility hooks are some further highlights.

The motorbike features a CNG tank under the standard gasoline tank, allowing for a smooth fuel transfer while riding, as well as halogen turn signals. Its ability to run on both petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG) increases its adaptability in a variety of environments.

Bajaj Freedom CNG Bike VariantsPrice (Ex-Showroom)
NG04 DrumRs. 95,000
Rs. 1 lakh
NG04 LED DISCRs. 1.05 lakh

The Bajaj Freedom has a combined range of 330 km thanks to its 2 kg CNG and 2 litre petrol tanks. 9.5 PS and 9.7 Nm of torque are produced overall when the 125 cc air-cooled engine is used. The motorcycle, which has the longest seat and a linked-type monoshock suspension in the back, is constructed on a trellis frame.

Bajaj Freedom CNG Bike PerformanceSpecifications
Engine125 cc engine (2L) & CNG tank (2kg)
Combined Range330 km
Petrol Only65 kmpl
CNG Only102 km per kg
Power9.5 PS
Torque9.7 Nm

The NG04 Drum model has an appealing starting price of Rs. 95,000 (ex-showroom), while the Drum LED costs Rs. 1.05 lakh, and the top-spec NG04 Disc LED costs Rs. 1.10 lakh. With 26% reduced CO2 emissions, 85% less NMHC, and 43% less NOX, this cutting-edge technology promises cleaner rides and less fuel expenditures.

Bajaj explained that the Freedom 125 would provide 25% more comfort than traditional 125 cc commuters, and both petrol and CNG refilling are covered by a single fuel cap. A reversible LCD instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity is added to the top-tier model. Based on a five-year timeframe and 50% lower running costs, the Bajaj Freedom appears to be a promising option.

Caribbean Blue, Ebony Black/Grey, Pewter Black/Grey, Racing Red, Cyber White, Pewter/Yellow, and Ebony Black/Red are the seven colour schemes that are currently available. Bookings for the CNG motorcycle are now open in Maharashtra and Gujarat, before the vehicle is rolled out throughout the nation later this year.

It can travel up to 102 km per kg on CNG alone, while its fuel efficiency on petrol alone is rated at 65 km/l. At 147 kilos, the Bajaj Freedom tips the scales.

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