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Exclusive Interview with Masoud Moammer Koraim, nicknamed Masoud Coverlet, a popular and successful Iranian entrepreneur

Today we are with Masoud Coverlet, one of the most popular Iranian personalities, join us.

I am Masoud Moammer Koraim, born on 1995/10/15  in Iran, Tehran province, I am an entrepreneur and an intern in investment projects.

Tell us a little about yourself.

As a child, I was enlightened and successful, and I was responsible and resourceful to teachers, and I always tried to be effective at all times. Because of my interest in work, I started working in summer sports from the fourth year of elementary school, but it was not just a financial need, but to learn something.

My childhood dreams and aspirations were the same as I still have in my mind, I did not have any kind of work at that time in my mind, but I have achieved every dream and dream I had as a child and teenager. Most of my dreams and patterns are self-made.

I have been working around the clock for almost 15 years, and until a few years ago I was in charge of executive work. In my opinion, every defeat is the beginning of a great victory. I will definitely do what I feel is right, but I will not make a move unless I weigh the aspects well and consider all the angles.

My goal was primarily to make money, but the way I made money was important to me. I decided that the product I produce would have no competitors, be unique and have the admiration of others, and most importantly, show the ability of an Iranian to produce. An entrepreneur and investor enjoys working when it is very enjoyable for a person when he enters his collection and realizes that the people in his collection are satisfied and make a living from him.

Now, I will establish the Covert brand, which is in the production of bedspreads, cover covers, audio products and clothing, into a reputable brand with different branches.

Excellent, we are very happy that you accepted our invitation in this interview, do you have a word for those who want to be beginners?

If you want to succeed in your work, consider the needs of society first, not your own needs, and fall in love with the work you want to start. In dreams, as you see success, think of failures, and with the first or second problem of Do not get cold feet, science and experience complement each other when you succeed in both.

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