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Leading Industrialist of India Darshan Sankhala talks about Coronavirus in India

The world is currently passing through a Trauma due to Coronavirus. Because of this disease, people are losing their positivity. We feel fear of contagion is affecting more people than Coronavirus disease.

How to come out from ongoing slowdown in business and fight hard against this COVID-19 disease? 

Recently we got the chance to talk with the award-winning multi-talented Entrepreneur of Chhattisgarh Darshan Sankhala industrialist, Entrepreneur, filmmaker and founder of ROLBOL who is running multiple businesses like Raamapeer Industrial Corporation, Raamapeer Industries in Chhattisgarh. 

According to Darshan Sankhala, everything is on track we are just not able to come out of this Coronavirus may be due to many reasons like social media, news channel were you always hearing about this disease. 

Now what it is happening here is we all are getting distracted from our work and going to the imaginary world where everything is negative, which is not good for businesses and Nation. 

Yes, Coronavirus is an issue, but you can be proactive and stand against it. Just stop listening to unwanted things. The Government is doing their job with top doctors, and all are working on it. If there is any emergency in-country doctors and Government are there to guide us why we are passing unwanted things and getting into a cynical trap.

Coming to business Darshan Sankhala told us that he is getting regular orders in his business nothing has changed for him. The only problem which is now taking place is cash flow. People are not able to transfer money in the market. This scenario is affecting more to small businesses than large scale industries as he runs in Chhattisgarh.

Maybe they are thinking too negatively, which is creating a critical condition for small firms in India. Keeping money on hand, else we can come under problem, this type of thinking is taking over the retail market badly. 

This mindset can damage our country growth; every business person and the average individual should understand that negative mindset and not handling this disease with a positive approach will make our India’s case more worst than other countries.

We need positivity in the market and more positive thoughts with videos of doctors. All these things should go viral on social media so that people can hear and see some positive things in the market. 

Darshan feels this kind of things will change the whole scenario in India, and we can come out of this trauma which is there due to Coronavirus.

We feel the approach which told by Darshan Sankhala is an excellent way to come out from the fear of COVID-19. 

Great to see and Entrepreneur who is running positive concept like ROLBOL spreading positivity in people’s mind with his ROLBOL talks shows. Many don’t know that in ROLBOL, many world-class Speakers of India are taking part, and it is running beautifully in most of India. 

Darshan Sankhala, the founder of ROLBOL, is not only a businessman he is connecting to the people to help them create opportunities.  

He is communicating with people as Darshan Sankhala feels talking with a positive mindset can change many things in human life. 

By communicating, he is also collaborating with best business people, inspirational speakers or say Motivational speakers who are taking India into a positive direction.

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