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Darshan Sankhala

Entrepreneur Darshan Sankhala is all set in the entertainment world, coming with new projects soon

After two films, he is looking forward to contributing heavily to the Indian entertainment scene. Very few individuals and professionals have been able to set a firm foot across different sectors and industries of the world. These rare gems have…

Leading Industrialist of India Darshan Sankhala talks about Coronavirus in India

The world is currently passing through a Trauma due to Coronavirus. Because of this disease, people are losing their positivity. We feel fear of contagion is affecting more people than Coronavirus disease. How to come out from ongoing slowdown in business…

Darshan Sankhala is going to motivate people with his new project Rol Bol

Darshan Sankhala many know him as a preeminent businessman of India his Raamapeer Industrial Corporation in Raipur is leading Wiremesh company. Many don’t know that Darshan Sankhala is a born artist who started his journey as an anchor than poet,…

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