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Javad Safaee: Three tips to become a successful musician

1. Use skillful etudes: Writing such as Hannon, Schmidt, Donald Gray, and Brava only pays attention to skillful techniques, such as speed and finger independence, step and arpeggios, and strengthening the musician’s skill in performing difficult passages. These etudes are not written for fun at all, because they do not have a specific melody and texture and are only to enhance playing skills, but sometimes throughout history, some of these etudes have become a completely independent admirable effect, such as Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude is one of the most glorious works in Romance piano literature. The duration of a skill etude varies from 45 minutes to two hours each day. These exercises are used to warm up the fingers or Warm up and cause your fingers to fully align themselves with the keys before performing the piece.

2. Repeat previous lessons: Dedicate at least one day a week to repeating previous lessons and parts. Practice some of your favorite pieces so you can play them anywhere, anytime. Suppose at a party you are asked to play a song, you can not say to them: “Sorry, my notebook is left at home!” Every musician should always have at least twenty to thirty pieces ready to be memorized. A musician who plays a piano concerto, for example, cannot have a sheet music in front of him.

3. Practice with interest: No successful musician sits behind the piano by force! A Vienna nobleman is said to have asked Mozart to teach music to his niece. The teenage girl, who was very rude and rude, had brought her dog to class with her fat people. The ladies talked to him for a few minutes until he agreed to sit on the back of the instrument. Because this dog seems to pay more attention to me! »

So do not unnecessarily encourage your relatives to learn music, he should decide for himself with interest. A good music teacher, as soon as he realizes that his student is not interested in music, should apologize to him, because he wastes both his time and the time of his student.

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