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300 Oferta – From exciting offers to exquisite products

The e-commerce boom is spreading its wings across the globe. Slowly but surely, our buying habits are changing, some argue, evolving. And there’s undoubtedly some truth in that. Almost anybody reading this can and has the opportunity to make purchases from a store that exists online. We are spoilt for choice more than ever, and if you thought that was difficult to handle, here comes a new brand that aims to satisfy you with deals and discounts! Albania-based 300 Oferta has been gaining prominence in the e-commerce space due to their deals. Let’s learn more.

300 Oferta was launched in Albania by Rei and Sara Prendi in 2020. They aimed to carve their niche in the online market space. The task ahead seemed promising but challenging nonetheless. Talking about the initial day, Rei Prendi says, “I remember our very first discussion was around quality. We had decided that its quality would be our priority no matter the product we put up. Then to stand out from the flooded market, we had to develop a new strategy that could help us get eyeballs. We realized that people value quality and don’t often associate a deal with quality. A deal is always seen as a compromise. And we immediately realized that there was a window waiting to be opened. We decided to sell good quality products while offering great discounts on them! The strategy caught on, and today we have 10,000 customers spread across the globe and a fan following of 15.8K on Instagram. The goal is, of course, to grow, but it’s a part of a bigger aim which is to maintain quality.”

300 Oferta is essentially aiming to bring about a change in perception. A change that’ll not be easy to come because of the bias many people have towards deals and discounts. Sara agrees and says, “I don’t blame people for squinting their eyes on the word discount. I feel the same. But I believe that quality and discounts can go hand-in-hand, and instead of waiting to see if it’s true, we decided to make it happen. And in the last two years, we have marveled at our ability and, therefore, in some sense, the ability of others to provide good quality at less price. The strategy is about being realistic and not greedy.”

300 Oferta has a long journey ahead of them. We wish them luck!

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