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Making it big through his undeniable talent and undying passion for music, DJ Donny Duardo gets candid on his global fandom

World’s best Dj,David Guetta once said “Everything I make as a producer, I visualize it as a DJ first. And all those beats, I test them as a DJ.”
The job of a Dj is unarguably one of the best because it helps people be happy. It brings a smile to your face,rythm to your body and sets your soul on fire.

The world of Disc Jockeying has seen many rising talents and only the one who possesses tenacity and is true to his art reaches the top.

One such personality is 23year old Dutch DJ, Donny Duardo.
Donny Duardo hails from Haarlem and started working on his interest in music from a tender age of 13.

Slowly and steadily, he started putting in more effort which did not go unnoticed as fans showered his composition with lots of love and admiration.

His tracks like Savage and Amsterdam have gained millions of likes and views on Instagram and also one of the most played songs on Spotify
Having set these online platforms ablaze, Donny has received worldwide stardom.

Not only has he sealed successful collaborations but also made a space in the heart of his fans. His unique style which is a perfect blend of Pop Rock reggae and other styles have been wildly popular.

His authenticity sets him apart and with this, He is now acclaimed for being one of the best young DJs. He truly deserves all the accolades along his way because he is hard-working and always wants to take his forte a notch higher. He currently working with talented artists from France, Spain, and Columbia.

This has created a wave of excitement amongst his fans. And who wouldn’t be when it’s Donny Duardo behind all these compositions?


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