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Here’s why UAE’s serial entrepreneur Mourad Sebky draws inspiration from the biggest businessmen

Mourad Sebky has achieved the life of his dreams and credits it to nothing but using his in-hand time extremely wisely. The entrepreneur draws inspiration from the biggest businessmen like Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and here’s why.
Mourad shares, “Their approach towards work is different, but their end goal is the same. Learning from them, I have also built a career that once looked like a dream to me. Be it managing a business, taking risks or knowing where to invest I’ve brushed all the business skills to become a high-end businessman. I’m still exercising constantly to sharpen my skills by keeping myself updated.”
Mourad is an expert trader and has been mentoring many aspiring youngsters, helping them earn 6-figure and 7-figure incomes.

Rather than spending his earnings on materialistic things, Sebky has made investments that have helped him in getting all the luxuries of life.

As one says your inspiration says alot about you and how you use it to benefit yourself says alot about you.

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