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Stephen Orso’s journey from humble beginnings to turning Loyalty Records into an industry leader

Born in the heart of the concrete jungle, New York native entrepreneur and socialite Stephen Orso have inadvertently become an icon for a new generation of visionaries who can identify attractive business opportunities and capitalize on them.

Insights into the life of Stephen

As a young and passionate athlete, Stephen quickly understood the power of influence, observing carefully as basketball icons like Michael Jordan built larger than a life personal brands supported by the public perception surrounding the athlete’s accolades.

How it all started!

Stemming from his love of sports, he wanted to collect articles from top players. He came across a Michael Jordan jersey, and with further research, coincidentally stumbled upon sites like Steiner Sports Memorabilia. Orso realized he could monetize off purchasings items and reselling them for more.

One Christmas, he asked his father for $1000 to buy Michael Jordan’s game-used shoes. After much reluctance, his father gave in to the loan. A month later, Orso resold the shoes on eBay for $6000. This was only the beginning of the young visionary’s business endeavors.

A natural-born entrepreneur, inspired by the success of his father in the business arena, Orso is no stranger to large scale ventures including celebrity-centric strategic relationships which have become a tangible asset in times of digital hyper-connectivity.

Talk about the top musicians in the industry and Orso knows them all!

Orso kept a stable relationship with every A-lister he met, because of his charisma and the way he carried himself. Orso ran around with megastars like Selena Gomez, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, D’Angelo Russell, Devin Booker, Joel Embiid, Chris Brickley, and others – and through his experiences, he discovered his true passion, talent management, and development.

Stephen Orso has recently become the go-to person for countless entertainment-related ventures, thus becoming a permanent fixture in the business of showbusiness.

The arrival of the global pandemic and how Stephen is powering through

Due to the global pandemic which has caused a momentary pause for music tours and concerts, Orso, who is the Founder and CEO of Loyalty Records, has had to find different alternatives to help his talents get through the storm.

Over the years, Stephen has become an outstanding leader to his team. He is completely aware of his strengths and weaknesses, which is part of the reason behind the success of every partnership he has ever entered.

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