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Meet Nina Bychkova, the star in the making in the world of social media and entrepreneurship.

The teenager talent explains about how to start developing a blog on Instagram.

Isn’t it surreal to know and learn about all those people who wish to cross boundaries and make it huge in their areas of interest by doing the unusual or by attaining unique success while still in their teens? Yes, you heard that right. Some success stories in the world are about teenager and young girls making waves in their chosen industries. We came across one such passionate and driven influencer and entrepreneur named Nina Bychkova, who has been astounding people as an 18-year-old sensation on Instagram, with a verified account and is also making it huge in the real estate niche in Dubai.

The kind of success she has achieved so far led to people asking her how they can start developing their blog on Instagram. Today, Nina Bychkova, (originally from Moscow and now from Dubai) has come forward to share her deets on the same. Nina Bychkova says that people need to just start and take small steps. In the midst, some may feel like giving up, but she assures that with time, consistent actions and passion, people can achieve their desired success. She says people must start with a good picture. However, to get a good photo, people need to keep several tips in mind like choosing the right lighting. Nina Bychkova says that the light before sunset emphasizes a person’s facial expressions. Also, wearing the perfect clothing, with adding some great accessories, like jewellery and bags can just add the oomph to the entire look, which can show up in the pictures.

The social media fashionista and sensation can’t emphasize enough on the importance of a beautiful background as people on Instagram always crave for something different and that which can instantly attract their attention. To connect with more people and have engagement, Nina Bychkova suggests aspiring bloggers and influencers to keep posting on their stories daily. However, focus should be on making the content interesting, informative or beautiful with pictures and videos. People can even make it more interesting with posting about their daily lives, travel, food, etc.

Nina Bychkova explains that after gaining increasing number of followers on Instagram, people can also get brand collaborations, where they need to advertise them and gain more engagement. The more the followers or subscribers, the more an influencer can get paid by brands. At the end, she says, people who put in genuine efforts, time and exhibit their unique style and vibe to the audience, working professionally on Instagram, can lead them to spectacular results and success. Nina Bychkova on a parting shot says, “Just believe in yourself, and your strengths, and when you would see the results coming your way, you will find more motivation to continue with double the efforts and passion.”

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