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How Zhi Ko’s Love for Gaming Led Him to Create NekozTek

We spent a lot more time at home in 2020. Scores of people found quarantine hobbies such as cooking, gardening, and gaming, as in video games, which saw a rise in popularity as they provided hours of entertainment. This was…

How Austin Adduci, an Inspirational Young Businessman, has Taken on the World

They say success comes with perspiration, and to maintain that success, it requires loads of grit, futuristic outlook, and determination to do well with changing conditions. The background work might not be visible to others, but successful entrepreneurs and leaders…

Here’s why UAE’s serial entrepreneur Mourad Sebky draws inspiration from the biggest businessmen

Mourad Sebky has achieved the life of his dreams and credits it to nothing but using his in-hand time extremely wisely. The entrepreneur draws inspiration from the biggest businessmen like Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and here’s why. Mourad…

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