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Meet: Entrepreneur and Serial Investor Jessica Laine

The ace entrepreneur, financial mentor, health advocate, who is transforming people’s lives on a daily, has been featured across many known media outlets.

through these years, we have heard about people changing professions and industries, but among them, only a handful of them attain the actual success they desire. This generally takes individuals through a journey of self-discovery, where they learn about their untapped potential and become aware of the bigger purpose in life. We are talking about Jessica Laine, a powerful woman, health advocate, market analyst, financial mentor, entrepreneur and so much more.

Jessica Laine is more than what meets the eye. She has proved what it means to become ones’ own career’s creator. Realizing how there is a certain gaps in society regarding understanding the importance of health, specifically for those who suffer obesity, she decided to get deep down in the health niche to create more awareness around this topic, which led her to partner with various health initiatives and programs with clubs, schools, and organizations. To take this further, she founded her non-profit, Beyond The Body, Inc, led by a group of women to help understand the youth, especially how to “Knock Out Obesity, Fight Mental Health, and Conquer Bullying.”

She is the one who also worked with Michelle Obama’s campaign, partnership for America: Building a Healthier Future. In the financial realm, she started her trading education and mentorship program, where she has been determined to turn individuals into successful traders and professionals in the industry through her robust teaching methods. She has so far touched the lives of 5500 mentees within the community across the world. Mastering the market and successfully detecting the imbalances of supply and demand, she has been able to create colossal wealth for herself and others.

Jessica Laine’s incredible work and ventures in finance and health have got her worldwide recognition. The on-air personality, multi-skilled journalist, and TV reporter who worked with prominent media houses, now is a prominent personality herself through her work across the world.

To learn more or to keep in touch please follow her on Instagram @itsjessicalaine and

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