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Helping you become committed to your business entirely & achieve your life goals, entrepreneur Maziar Rajabi has something interesting to share with you

Enabling you to become a successful entrepreneur, Rajabi lays out a few key elements to help achieve your life goals.

If one sets up their mind onto something they wish to achieve, there is absolutely nothing or nobody that can stop them. Similar is the story of a young man Maziar Rajabi (33) from the Kurdistan Province of Iran, hailing from a city named Divandareh. His belief to carve a path for himself to become a successful entrepreneur has been a constant since the beginning & after putting long hours of work & consistent efforts, today Rajabi is a powerful source of inspiration especially to young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams & to never quit no matter what.

Rajabi has always been a workaholic & started his career by working as a sales manager in the marketing field before he jumped into IT. During his studies as well, he worked with a Canadian company ‘Canadian Green Solutions Inc’ as a senior partner & as a stakeholder with an Italian company ‘Mattioli S.A.S.’ Both of these companies have been prominent names in the industry. In Iraq, he even gained the position of being a senior partner for International Business Advisory for foreign companies. His most significant achievement, however, is the bitumen products business where he partners with “Verse Energy” oil service company of Iraq since 2016. He worked continually for this company to reach millions in the world by creating its website Making use of his skills in IT & web designing, Rajabi even managed to gain the first rank for the website on Google search results. Today the company is a reliable & prosperous organisation that exports bitumen to more than 12 countries & 3 continents.

Having a fruitful journey till now in his business & wishing to achieve more, Rajabi wants to share a few key elements with others to enable them to commit to their business 100%, become a successful entrepreneur & achieve their life goals.

  • Accumulate all information possible: Never say no to information. Rajabi too, has learnt it that way all through his life. He accumulated all the information he ever got from everywhere & tried to apply it in business. When you have the required knowledge, you don’t have to go out to seek help.
  • Talk to your future self: Rajabi believes that when one starts talking to themselves as their future self & not as what they currently are, people become more confident to begin their work & understand their purpose in life. This makes them commit towards themselves & their business more strongly & achieve the many goals in life.
  • Annihilate negativity & anything that gives discouragement: It is essential to know what you feed your mind because that what shows in your behaviour & working attitude, believes Rajabi. Step out of your comfort zone, do the difficult & make your own self believe in you by completing that task. Do away with anything that discourages you from trying new things. The more new things you learn, the more you get closer to your life goals by gradually achieving them.
  • Set your priorities straight & action them: Getting up every day with having a list of priorities to focus on & to action them is crucial to get your mind working towards it & achieve it. Setting up only 2-3 tasks a day to complete would give people the drive to achieve something & be productive the entire day, points out Rajabi. This will increase your commitment towards your business & take you nearer to success.

Learning the basics of life & business from Rajabi would definitely take an entrepreneur to greater heights of success in life. The way Rajabi’s life has shaped up, the amount of success he has already garnered is enough to motivate & encourage others who are setting out to start their journey as entrepreneurs to become successful.

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