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Jake Tayler Jacobs: “The ABS institute will explore the tech-space moving forward”

For an enterprise that is aiming to be truly global, it can’t escape the necessity of diversifying into the tech space. Entrepreneur Jake Tayler Jacob understands this very well and therefore is all set to sweep his global management consulting firm ABS Institute into the next phase of tech upgrade. Here’s how he plans to go about it. Let’s delve.

Teching it up

Jake’s ABS Institute serves private, public and social business sectors on a global level. So the thought of branching out his firm into different tech avenues came naturally to Jake. He wants to go about it in a way that would help his clients grow better and faster in the areas of revenue,team training, automation and marketing withoutlosing long term viability. As Jake carries out his plans to diversify ABS Institute into the tech space, he describes that he will make sure short-term success and long-term success will go hand in hand for his clients. That’s what differentiates ABS Institute from others. Jake plans to bring technology into every aspect of his business and he talks about it with absolute determination and passion.

Technology at its core

Strategies and Planning – this is an important aspect of Jake’s business. So he is going to equipthe already technologically laced ABS Institute’s strategy and planning arm with latest tech. This, as per Jake, will help him to plan and execute the vision of his clients in a more facile manner.

The next aspect of his business that is going to enjoy the benefits of technology is systems and automations department. Jake shares, “We have always scaled efficiency for our clientsby automating the business sales processes and workflows. We intend to kick it up a notch by implementing the latest systems of technology to give our clients the best that’s available.”

Next, ABS Institute’s finance solutions wing will also see a technological upgrade via implementation of a more advanced strategic finance management flow. Jake says this is important to build a company’s long-term value and streamline and organize financial management for the better. To support this technological upgrade, Jake already has an important ingredient in place – ABS Institute has its own privatebanking system within the organizations money cycle. This, Jake describes, creates more usage of thedollar cycle.

Last but not least, ABS Institute is going to add to its already client-friendly list of technology solutions via its latest SAAS offerings to give its clientsthe edge in the industry.


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