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How Victor Madu founded and scaled his clothing brand into an industry leader

Children are highly perceptive. Unfortunately, society often doesn’t take the innate intelligence of a child seriously. Cute and cuddly is perhaps the first “box” most of us are hurriedly put into. It’s during these boxed-in times that a child’s sole refuge becomes their solitude. And it is from the content of this solitude that a child’s personality, growth and ambitions begin to take shape. This idea applies adequately to 23-year-old Victor Madu. From being one of four children in a humble household to becoming one of the few self-made successful entrepreneurs without a college degree, Victor has come a long way.

Victor was born in Atlanta, GA, in 1997 and was the second of four boys. His father worked in his brother’s oil company in Houston, and although they were fairly comfortable, things did not come easily in the Madu household. Recalling an incident when his family told him that they couldn’t go to IHOP because it was expensive, Victor says, “I failed to understand the concept of not having enough money at a young age, but that was the day I realized whoever has the money makes the decisions and I knew with my “expensive” taste and desire to make my own decisions I had no choice but to achieve wealth.” The realization made him hungry; he shares, “I started to draw pictures for people for $5 and came home with almost $20/day.” he was unknowingly honing his skills as an entrepreneur, hustler and creative.

As life moved on, Victor developed a taste to “do my own thing” after attending a fashion show his 2nd semester of freshman year. He was absolutely captivated, this new realization was followed up with action, and soon For the Leaux was born. And when it came to choosing college over the business, needless to say, Victor opted for the latter.

Today Victor is the CEO of For the Leaux and has sold over 20,000 products in 20+ countries. “My store has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. I have also donated over $20,000 to different causes and even authored a top-selling business marketing guide,” reveals Victor.

Taking chances and making your way out of the labyrinth seemed to have guided this young entrepreneur on the path to success and glory. As he continues on his self-made path, it’ll be exciting to see what new feather he can add to his cap.


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