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Hark to the track of B3t On Yors3lf and shake your body

The triad girls are taking over the whole hip hop industry with their stunning numbers.

Women are often perceived as less capable than men. Especially some industries don’t expect women to enter there. But since everything is evolving with time, such a stereotype is also getting cracked and in this 21st century, it’s almost finished. B3t on Yours3lf is the perfect illustration of how girls can shine in every field regardless of the dominance by the male section.

B.O.Y stands for B3t On Yours3lf which is basically a hip hop group that contains three powerful ladies named Charlie, AK, and Porsha. The group determines their own lyrics, compose, sings, and dances. They have launched several songs till date that have been admired by the people. The team invariably examines the acts of the artist to arrange an idea about how they require to move forward. Without skipping a small detail, they meet every composer and prominent person in the industry to take their group to next level. The crew has originated ‘They Like’ lately which is the real roar of the women. They are constantly showing the girl’s powers through their lyrics and expressions. To create the hype of the group, they filter out the key strategies and work on them. The team is emerging as a leading trio in the dynamic industry.

The trio has grappled a lot before carving its name in the hip hop industry which is frequently governed by men. They met in a club and after working hours managed to spend time together. After a subsequent encounter, the potent ladies came with the idea of launching their group as a pop crew. They exhibit the female’s robust self by their voice and let society apprehend that females are equally valuable. Slowly but steadily, their fanbase is increasing and approximately 800k followers adore them.

Everyone fancies their way of expressing their emotions, problems, strong personality, etc. These girls have adopted a truly creative yet engaging way of exposing the girl’s vigor through dance and songs which is actually making progress. The efforts put in accomplishing the ambition are noticeable clearly. It is not smooth to make such fame from scratch but they did this with a zeal of bringing a required change.

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