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Happy Singh raises the bar for others as a rising American singer, songwriter, rapper, music producer and music artist.

He now wishes to make the most of the success and resources he has with him to help other aspiring talents in music.

There are so many talented individuals working across different fields across different parts of the world. Do all of them go ahead in making a well-recognized name for themselves in their sectors? Well, the world has been a witness to the rise of tons of them, but among them, a few stand as rare gems who have totally stunned people worldwide in more ways than one. It is thus essential to hold more talk around them for the world to see how even as youngsters, a handful of such professionals climb their ladder of success without relying on anyone else. Harpreet Singh, aka Happy Singh, in the American music scene did exactly that and turned more heads around him and his work.

Happy Singh is known for the impeccable musical work he has created in his journey so far, attracting the attention of so many music lovers out there across the US, which is known as a breeding ground of high-performing emerging as well as established artists. Even amidst so much saturation, Happy Singh paved his own path to growth and success and thus has today become a rising American singer, songwriter, rapper, music producer and a true-blue music artist after ISAW records signed.

He is a true Punjabi boy who was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California, the US and had a childhood mostly influenced by his grandfather. He learned his native language at an early age, the exact time when he started loving music. Incorporating both American and Punjabi cultures, Happy Singh was first exposed to Bhangra, a traditional dance from the Indian subcontinent originating in the Majha area of the Punjab region, at age 7. Later at age 10, he also learned how to play and master the Dhol.

He grew up to be a lover of music, who would work for other artists, writing and producing for them and finally turned into an artist himself, producing and songwriting his own records. In all these years, he has worked with many well-known music artists and has now attracted all the attention for himself as a growing American music artist.

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