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Hadi Zinati: A Composer who Brings the Melodies of the Heart to the Ears of the World

Hadi Zinati, with his endless talent and boundless creativity in writing songs and making music, has become one of the prominent and beloved characters in the pop music scene of Iran. Based on his deep experiences and extensive knowledge in the field of music, he has created works that have gained countless fans not only among the people of Iran but all over the world. As the artistic director of Iham Music Group, he has brought Iranian music to the world level with a new and different style.

Hadi Zinati was born on May 12, 1364 in Karaj city. His interest in music was evident from childhood and he started playing the guitar at the age of 15. In his university years, he chose the field of computer engineering, but due to his strong interest in music, he did not complete his studies and entered the field of music.

In 2008, Hadi entered the field of writing songs and entered the field of music with the song “Goodbye” for Sirvan Khosravi. Since then, he has collaborated with various singers. So far, he has written more than 200 songs for prominent Iranian singers, some of which include:

– The songs he wrote together with Sirvan Khosravi, such as “Tashengi”, “Dewaneh”

– Performances with Gersha Rezai, including “I took your heart”.

– Works with Zaniar Khosravi such as “I will tell you my life”

– and also many collaborations with artists such as Kaveh Yaghmai, Horosh Group, Sohrab Pakzad, Mohammad Alizadeh, Ali Lahrasbi, Hamid Hiran, Puzzle Band Group, Kasri Zahedi and Reza Malekzadeh.

In addition to writing songs, Hadi Zinti has many activities in the field of music production and arrangement and beautifully portrays human emotions and experiences through his music. With his dedication to his art and the ability to express human experiences through songs, he is a recognized artist on the world music scene.

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