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Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide will Recognize Alexa Carlin as a Trailblazer for the Community

This 29 year old woman has smashed down numerous barriers in her own life and the community of female entrepreneurs. Now, she is changing the perception of what women in their 20s can do for good.

Alexa Carlin, now residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a South Florida native who has made an incredible journey out of her life. Before graduating from high school, Alexa started her first business making jewelry for a LA-based fashion company. By the time she was ready to
graduate from college, she had already taken the nation by storm with her second business, Hello Perfect, ​ a blog inspiring women to be confident in themselves.

As if her impressive entrepreneurial experiences weren’t enough to inspire, Alexa overcame a 1% chance of living just four months before graduating from the University of Florida and learned to not only survive but thrive with an autoimmune disease that still impacts her life to this day.

This experience drove her to her third venture: public speaking. After overcoming rejection after rejection, Alexa built a public speaking career that allowed her to share her story across the nation and inspire THOUSANDS to live life to the fullest.

This was not enough. As she gained more experience and knowledge, Alexa saw a huge opportunity within the public speaking arena: connecting female entrepreneurs. By connecting female entrepreneurs of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, they as a community can be stronger by far than the individual.

So this is what she did. After five years, Women Empower X has reached women all across the globe and brought the education and empowerment they need to bring their business and theirself to the next level while providing the opportunity to connect with a beautiful community of female entrepreneurs who all share the value of collaboration over competition.

One can find true inspiration in the way Alexa has made it her life’s mission to better the lives of others. It may have taken a couple of trials to find the perfect fit, but she made it and has been making the lives of female entrepreneurs immensely better for it.

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