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Studying in the field of entrepreneurship and entering the labor market, by Negar Rokni, a famous Iranian entrepreneur

There is now a general definition for the field that says: Entrepreneurship is a set of techniques, ideas and ideas as well as effective ways to guide many entrepreneurial activities. In fact, the purpose of implementing and offering this field in the master’s degree is to train specialized human resources who can manage all kinds of entrepreneurial activities.

These managers are needed for the public and private sectors, training policymakers, training entrepreneurial experts, and small and large business development consultants. Candidates in this field should learn practical work experience in one of the public, public and private sectors.

 Graduates of this field, due to the knowledge and skills they acquire in the field of entrepreneurship, can enter the economic and social fields as directors of institutions, lecturers, researchers and entrepreneurship management specialists, and contribute to the rapid development of national sustainability.

 As we mentioned, this field is the best option for people who have an entrepreneurial and self-employment spirit. In addition, people who have a lot of perseverance and effort and also accept social, psychological and financial risks are suitable for this field.

Of course, if you want to succeed in this field, you must look for new jobs to use them in economics. Or be familiar with different market segments and buyers’ expectations and requests from products and manufacturers, and in order to be successful and profitable in this field, various factors such as market products and services, implementation and development, business management, organization , Review capital creation, etc. and evaluate them

 Certainly, the field of entrepreneurship has a wide range of job opportunities with this scope. So graduates of this field should not worry about the labor market and career future of this field. In addition, because the field identifies the newest areas of business, it is the newest and most attractive field for each job.

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