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The maiden voyage of China’s first cruise ship built domestically

On Monday, China’s first cruise ship to be built in the country sailed on its inaugural journey from Shanghai, demonstrating the country’s increasing ability to build sophisticated structures as it works toward technological self-sufficiency.

On her inaugural commercial cruise, the Adora Magic City sailed late afternoon, heading for South Korea and Japan.

With a mahjong lounge and a hotpot restaurant, the opulent ship is specifically designed to cater to China’s growing middle class and their desire to explore foreign destinations.

The 16-deck colossus has been praised by state media as a “crown jewel” and a “major milestone for the country’s shipbuilding industry.”

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a delay in its construction, according to Lloyd’s Register (LR), which offered marine services for the vessel.

This is China’s first entry into a market that is dominated by shipbuilders from Europe.

The C919, the nation’s first domestic passenger jet, debuted last month outside of mainland China as well.

Beijing has long aspired to compete with rivals in Europe and the United States and reduce China’s reliance on foreign technology. The intricate projects are essential to this goal.

Numerous parts of Adora Magic City were sourced from overseas vendors.

However, as stated in an article on Lloyd’s website, “China has the opportunity to build its own supply chain in the future” by Marco Scopaz, LR’s on-site project manager.

It “marks the beginning of the country’s inevitable and rapid development in cruise design and construction,” he said of the Adora Magic City.

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