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Entrepreneur Samuele Mura

Entrepreneur Samuele Mura Acquires Full Ownership of Traslo Service Ltd

For Americans, it would be the perfect prototype of the self-made man, the man who made his fortune. But Samuele Mura, born in 1988, found his America in London, where he has lived and worked for many years. Samuele is an example of positivity, he loves his island, he lived there well and abandoned it to savor the taste of the challenge: to be an entrepreneur and to be alone. A goal that is fully achieved given that after almost a decade of activity, its Traslo Service broke the 7 figure mark, has helped moving 2000+ customers rom France, Spain and Italy. It has 10+ employees and has collaborations with partners such as Crystal Palace, a football team that plays in the Premier League.

Footballers are their ideal customers: they move constantly and need a trusted person to manage their transfers. And Traslo Service Ltd takes care of this.

Samuel was born in England but grew up in Jerzu where he moved with his father when he was five years old: “A country that I love, I go back 4 or 5 times a year. My friends, the historical ones, are in Sardinia ». In Ogliastra Samuele grew up like all the kids: bread and football. And his passion for football remained in his blood. The idea of being an entrepreneur, however, has matured over the years: “After graduating, I enrolled at the University of Cagliari, I had chosen Languages – he says -. I was admitted but at that moment I realized that it was not what I wanted to do. I had ideas, desire, passion: I wanted to be an entrepreneur “. The idea came after two years of collaboration – from Jerzu – with an English company that dealt with transport: “I realized that there was so much space in the sector”. Thought and done. Traslo Service was born in 2011 with an empty wallet, zero contributions and no loans. The beginning is what it is, difficult. To become big, Traslo needed a bold move.

London called Samuel, his fiancée and Traslo Service. The English version of the company began in 2014.

Since then Traslo Service Ltd has grown tremendously, helping thousands of people relocating across Europe.

The latest news is that Samuele Mura has just re-acquired full ownership of his Traslo Service Ltd. He is now the sole and only owner. In fact, in 2014 he sold 66% of the company. At that time it was a needed move to make the compny thrive in a foreign territory.

We wish nothing but great success ahead.

If you want to follow Samuele Mura on his journey:

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