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DJ and Music Producer Musata Shares Powerful Tips for Success

One of the most common things people say the world over is “follow your passion”. Some people discover what theirs is when they are young, and yet for others, it sneaks up on them later in life. DJ and Producer Musata is a good example of those in the second category.

DJ Musata is a resident of Karaj who spent years enjoying the Tehran nightclub scene. Over the years, he developed a deep love for sound and started thinking of taking a step into the industry himself. Born Mostafa Bahari, he took that leap and began making music as Musata six years ago.

Today, Musata has perfected the balancing act. He is business person Mostafa Bahari during the day and music producer Musata during the night. He has grown steadily since starting and has made huge strides in the industry. He has gained recognition from many of his released tracks.

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