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Justin Melnichuk: Never to Young

Justin Melnichuk decided at a young age of 12 to set himself apart by creating a business for himself. Starting with research Justin was on a path to becoming one of the most well known sneaker outlets in the US. He knew a lot of time would go into this project of his so he had to sacrifice other activities one would include in their childhood. But what inspires such a young entrepreneur?

Justin got his inspiration from popular resellers on YouTube and other Social media. He saw these completely normal people’s lives transformed as they sold to people like DJ Khalid and other well known celebrities. Justin could see himself in the shoes of these resellers and maybe even surpass them in the future. But he knew he would need a brand. He would need to create a name for himself so anyone in need of sneakers would be able to easily access him with a quick search.

Justin first chose Instagram to be his social media platform. He chose a popular, easily manageable platform in which millions of people could view his page. Sneaker Kitchen would be the name that represents his hard work and dedication. Justin saw a lot of success through Sneaker Kitchen as his online store caught the attention of celebrities and influencers alike.

So what exactly does running a sneaker business entail and what does Justin do that makes it seem so effortless? Well believe it or not reselling is the simple process of buying a product and selling it for a profit. Having a popular online profile is a key factor as Sneaker Kitchen’s instagram page gives customers opportunities to view Justin’s entire selection just by swiping their thumb.

Well why sneakers? The simple answer to that is because everyone needs sneakers. As new designs and technology come out on releasing sneakers, a huge demand causes them to sell out which is the key component to how resellers make money.

Justin has grown exponentially since the beginning but is nowhere near the climax of his journey. He continues to grow as he sells to influencers and celebrities such as boxer and influencer Jake Paul. Justin Plans to grow and build the best business possible for himself all while still balancing other aspects of life such as school. Sneaker kitchen is constantly growing and maybe one day you too will be wearing sneakers bought from this 16 year old entrepreneur.

Find him here:

Personal IG – @justinmelnichuk

Professional IG – @sneakerkiitchen

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