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Interview with Canadian Breakout Action Star Tazito Garcia

Former corporate executive, teacher and pro athlete Tazito Garcia is part of a new wave of diversity in Hollywood.

The actor- director known for a string of highly acclaimed no budget short films will be seen next year opposite Jackie Chan and John Cena as Paddock’s Mercenary in Project Xtraction set to be released in 2021.

Paddock’s Mercenary is a character that is one of few ‘muscle’ for our boss Paddock (played by Game of Thrones actor, Pilou Asbek).

“When one door closes find another. Create one or knock the first one down.” About leaving Canada occasionally during slow season and filming in China.

Born in Madrid Spain to an Egyptian-French Mom and Spanish father. Taz is the epiphany of multicultural and ambiguity.  Garcia earned his degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a minor in sales, marketing and psychology. He also became a martial arts instructor with a reputable school and a later became a school teacher that created an English as Second Language (ESL) curriculum for China in Shanghai in 2014.

Nonetheless, Garcia has always been on the road to becoming the next action star since 2005; when he landed a role as a power ranger. He was later recast for ethnicity conflicts. The industry has come far since.

Which passion came first, Sports or acting?

I was born a performer. The class clown. The entertainer in the family. If I got it my fill through sports, imitating neighbors or TV characters. I’d do it with a smile.

Why stop professional sports?

I travelled to Canada. The two sports I played were very young here. Glad to see so much growth since two decades ago!

Tell me about your corporate jobs?

In a nutshell, I felt like it was utilizing 10% of what I could offer. I made good money but wasn’t happy. So I packed and moved on. Ironically all the skills are still being used to this day as an actor. You have to understand the dynamics, package and market yourself.

You often play the hero. Would you consider being a villain?

I love villains. They have more layers and complexity. I played a few villains but people tend to cast me as the hero or nice guy.

Where can we find your work? or IG: tazgarciaofficial

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