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Celebrity Hairdresser Ajkune Ahmetaj reveals 6 secrets of stylist, healthy and beautiful hair

Ajkune Ahmetaj was born in Kosovo and moved to the Swiss Confederation years later. She began operating as a style whereas attending a three-year skilled course on hairdressing. The blond skilled worked with celebrities and singers, together with Tayna, Dafina Zeqiri, Kida, and Elvana Gjata. Ajkune Ahmetaj shared the six most important tips that are essential for healthy and strong hair.

Here are some tips by Ajkune Ahmetaj that will help you beautify your hair.

Dry trim every 6 months

We’ve all heard that having your hair trimmed often is good for our hair, and helps it grow. But you don’t have to talk to your hairdresser about trim every month

Here’s the deal, trim doesn’t magically stimulate your hair to grow faster and longer! Regardless of what percentage of supplements or tricks or times you wait to grow your hair, you’ll never get anywhere if you’ve got damaged ends! As you grow, the ends break so it’s important to stay your ends healthy without constantly cutting all of the hair you only grew! Trimming your hair is that the first way to keep your hair healthy by removing your spit, most damaged hair but if done too often you’ll only be isolating what you only grew! So it’s important to possess healthy ends because healthy ends equal length!

Don’t Brush Your Hair When It’s Wet

When your hair is wet it can stretch up to 50% of its original length and if too much tension is applied it will break. Since hair tangles easily when wet, brushing it off leads to split ends and can break healthy hair. Instead, opt for a wide-toothed comb or a wet brush that combs from tip to root. This will help you untangle tangles instead of tearing them apart. Your Detangling Hair Braid Your Hair Before Bed! This means you have less headboard to brush in the morning and can give you nice waves without heat.

Wash Hair Once or Twice a Week

Yes, nevertheless bathe each day simply throw on that bathing cap! The herbal oils to your hair and scalp are highly useful for your hair health! When you wash your hair too frequently you’re stripping your hair of the vitamins it desires to live wholesomely and sell hair growth.Over-washing consequences with inside the overproduction of herbal oils due to the fact your hair and scalp are seeking to atone for the over washing! This is why individuals who wash their hair each day might also additionally say they “have to”. By the subsequent day, their hair might also additionally appear greasy due to the fact their scalp and hair are seeking to hold up with the consistent stripping of oils!

You need to in reality handiest be washing your hair a couple of times every week to allow your hair to get the herbal oils it desires. This might also additionally take some weeks for you and your hair to get used to however it’ll thank you! Get thru the ones starting greasy day’s hats, up-dos, and braids.

Eat healthy food for healthy hair

Support most reliable hair increase from the inner out via way of means of consuming a healthful weight-reduction plan. Biotin is a complementary idea to grow hair increase, however, did you already know you could discover biotin evidently in ingredients like salmon, eggs, and chicken?Hair is made from protein, so it makes feel to make certain you’re factoring in an excellent quantity at every meal. A loss of protein has been connected to hair loss, so thing in protein-wealthy ingredients like lean meats, fish, dairy, and tofu into your weight-reduction plan each day. Finally, exact fat will make certain your follicles get all of the vitamins they need.

Don’t wash your hair with hot water.

Keeping your hair and scalp clean is essential for healthy hair growth, but keep the water temperature because hot water will dry out the scalp and hair. Try to choose a shampoo based on your scalp and hair type as it can also promote healthy hair growth. Buy good shampoo for your hair. Spraying cold water after treatment will help seal the cuticles on the hair strands and make your hair look as shiny as possible.