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Riccardo Lanzo has gone a step ahead in managing brand reputation of several big industry names.

In today’s time, protecting your online image is important to succeed in your endeavours, this is where social network expert lawyers like Lanzo come into the picture.

Riccardo Lanzo, 39, is an Italian lawyer who holds expertise in social networks. He is well versed in the field of brand reputation on social media and has been credited of assisting many Italian as well as international companies to help them out with their online reputation. His client list boasts of many famous brands and names, including the popular TikTok star Khaby Lame, who hired him to protect his online image as he’s one of the best known names in the industry who has a history of impacting his client’s image positively through his vast experience and expertise in the field.

The social media lawyer is presently on everyone’s top list to get them out of the countless disputes that bring two parties at loggerheads online. There are a lot of issues that arise on social media networks that are taken care of by the eminent lawyer who is well versed with the national as well as international laws and regulations. His work has won him several awards and recognitions, and he has an unending list of achievements under his belt. Working in close terms with Italian universities like IULM and LUM, he also manages a prominent boutique law firm in Northern Italy and is into teaching ‘Social law’ at the university. What does he do when he is not busy in his work commitments? “I’m passionate about writing, and when not working I’m engrossed in putting my thoughts on pen,” informs Lanzo whose recent publication ‘Right to Oblivion’ was widely acclaimed, making it the bestseller of the year.

Riccardo has been instrumental in bringing the benefits of brand reputation to the forefront with his constant endeavours. He has also done his bit by spreading knowledge about how the social media management works when it comes to protecting online reputation. One can say that he is the reason behind solving innumerable disputes arising in the digital realm, which makes him a name to reckon with in today’s time.

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