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The key to rejuvenating mental and physical well-being lies in your own hands, says Yasin Seiwasser.

His breakthrough programs have helped many gain optimum levels of mental and physical health.

The fast-paced world that we are living today has taken a toll on our health and mental peace. We are in the process to achieve the best and want to be ahead of others, forgetting the torment that we are inflicting on ourselves. We are constantly fighting our inner demons in a big to excel in our lives, be it personal or professional, giving rise to various complexities like frailing health, anxieties and depression which affects our overall well-being. In such situations Yasin Seiwasser’s — Art of life comes as a whiff of fresh air for it helps in changing the overall health, mental as well as physical for good. “I’m on a mission to help people strike the right balance in their ever time-consuming busy lives by introducing this program which is designed to benefit them to a great extent,” says Seiwasser.

Being a recognized life coach and having mastered martial arts since past three decades, he has come to the conclusion that just keeping a fit body is not what one should aim for, an equally fit mind is also required to progress in life and face the challenges that come across. He is one of the most recognized life coaches who has excelled not only in his field of martial arts, but has also given people a breakthrough program which has changed their lives 360 degrees within a short span of time. His program ‘Seiwasser — Art of life’ has embodied the history of fitness and mental wellness in its eight levels and has been widely acclaimed by people globally. He says that the program has been consistently helping people balance their lives and emerge afresh after completion of all the levels.

At present, Seiwasser has been in the process of healing people’s lives by training them and imparting the right knowledge in the areas of mindfulness, meditation, practice and physical well-being. He wants to lead the new generation on the path of eternal peace and is focussing on this by coaching people under his program.

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