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Bossman Naman Arora is not just a great entrepreneur but an excellent tattoo artist too; know more

When it comes to defining art and creativity, every individual has a different take. In this digital era, creativity has no bounds. Every professional is distinct from one another because of their creative approach towards work. To many, Naman Arora is known as the entrepreneur, to others, he is known as the digital past master, but he is more than that. With innumerable interests in the creative field, he is considered a master of all trades. Besides this, his passion for tattoo designing is what makes him a distinct name from others.

Many know him as a trustworthy name in the digital field, but Naman Arora has time and again proved his mettle as a true creative genius. Fondly known by the name Harry in his professional circles, the tattoo artist has inked many people with some beautiful designs in India and the UAE. His interest in art is what saw Arora become a top-notch tattoo artist. “Everything we see is so fascinating about tattoos. I was always moved by painting art on the skin that stays for a lifetime. Many do it for themselves, while others do it to express their feelings for their loved ones”, says Naman.

He further added that nothing makes him happier than bringing smiles on people’s face even after bearing pain while getting inked. The procedure of making a tattoo is itself a long creative process. Arora not only understands the client’s requirements but also puts in his best creative inputs to give the results to them. Besides art and creativity, his expertise in digital marketing is what makes him stand class apart from others. Among many other entrepreneurs, having creative and a sharp business mind is a rare combination that Naman possesses. The talented artist and entrepreneur also own a digital agency named ‘Data Art Information Technology’.

Based in Delhi, India, his firm has been instrumental in helping brands and companies grow over the digital space. During the COVID-19 epidemic, his company played an integral role in making digital interactions easy. Apart from this, ‘Data Art Information Technology’ creates custom software to interact with the end-user in the best possible way. Some of the digital services provided by his firm are Social media app development and management, network services, infrastructure, software development, web development, marketing, data classification and analysis among others. Taking creativity and business acumen hand in hand, this 29-year entrepreneur is indeed one genius who is inspiring many young minds with his artistic works.

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