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Samsung’s Monthly Update: A Thorough Security Patch is Released for Galaxy Devices in May 2024

Samsung has disclosed information regarding the security patch for May 2024. Millions of Galaxy tablets and smartphones that qualify will get this security upgrade over the course of the next few weeks; high-end devices will get it first.

May 2024 security patch fixes 45 vulnerabilities in Galaxy phones and tablets

Samsung’s security bulletin board explains that 45 security flaws found in earlier software versions are fixed in its May 2024 security patch. Of these fixes, thirty-three come from Google and work on any Android-powered device. Of those 33 vulnerabilities, 26 are classified as “High” in severity, and three are considered “Critical.” A “Moderate” vulnerability exists, and two fixes address issues that do not affect Galaxy devices. A issue that Samsung resolved in the previous security update is one of the fixes.

You should go to this website to learn more about the bug fixes that Google offers.

After twelve security flaws in Galaxy devices were discovered, the latest update resolves them. Eleven are classified as “Moderate,” while one is deemed “High.”

Some have a fault that lets an attacker get past the phone activation procedure, while others let unauthorised users access the Secure Folder.

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