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Why Hollywood’s hottest names count on Asif Rehman, AR Billionaire for their posh getaways and lifestyle needs

Asif Rehman’s main focus is exclusivity. The Billionaire Concierge company became a market leader, thanks to its focus on exclusivity and offering premier services to the top-notch names and prominent personalities in the world. As a passionate team of professionals, they agree to work with clients that they are confident they can help. Hence, they work with only select clients and ensure a quality service every time.

• Offering value: The Billionaire Concierge company is globally known for their consistency to high quality services including event management, luxury and sports concierge, access to film and TV events, lifestyle management, sourcing luxury items, and giving the most luxurious experiences to all those capable. Through these services and many others, they aim to offer value to people by partnering with clients who have a unique standing in their respective industries.

• Quality over quantity: The Billionaire Concierge company has always worked around catering to their clients by offering quality over quantity, which is one of the reasons why instead of running behind only earning more clients and serving to everyone, they work towards serving the A-listers. Some of the celebrities they planned exclusive experiences for include Paris Hilton, Karim Benzema, Zayn Malik, Kourtney Kardashian and Millie Bobby Brown.

The much-talked-about high-end, invite-only, and ultra-exclusive firm also stands unique in the industry as they aim to save their client’s money, taking care of everything from sourcing luxury items from anything like limited edition watches and rare designer wear pieces to state of the art custom gaming consoles to celebrities and athletes around the world, to complete lifestyle management and everything in between.

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