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Currently in our society there are two prevailing myths about the online trading of stock exchanges. The First myth about stock trading is comparing it with gambling and assuming it to be a risky business. On the other hand, however, is the contradicting myth that the stock market is an open playing field where you can bluff without much consequence. As a result, people are sometimes tricked to invest in the share market based only on the few suggestions and recommendations which they receive from friends and family. Either of these myths and practice are wrong. When it comes to Stock Trading, an expert’s advice is a must. And there is no other person more experienced, trained and certified than Mukul Agrawal in this field. He holds an expertise in technical analysis and has been in this field since 18 years. Recently Mukul Agrawal has been awarded with Young Achiever Award for best stock market training in 2021.

People often ask him about the risks and losses which one might face in Stock Trading, upon this Mukul Agrawal explains,” There is no job or business in this world which is not risky. Stock Trading is also just like other businesses. In fact it could give you much greater profits than your regural jobs. People have unnecessarily developed a bad and shady image of Stock Market. Just like in any regular job you need to have a prior knowledge about that job’s profile, here also you need to understand what Stock Trading is about. An individual should always keep his eye on the market movements and the companies they are going to invest in. One should now depend upon random advices but should only listen or consult to a professional and most importantly experienced Technical Analyst. If a person keeps all these things in my and then smartly invest in correct shares and at the correct time then he could be incredibly successful in this field. There is no need to be afraid of this occupation. There are many people who are doing great here. Being observant, strategic and updated anyone can make Stock Trading a second means of their income i.e. their passive income.”

Mukul Agrawal, the well admired TEDx speaker and the founder of the Agrawal Corporate also runs a YouTube Channel which goes by the name of “ The Mukul Agrawal “ . His channel is currently being followed by more than 5 lakh people which showcase him as a well established mentor and educator in the field of Stock Market Trading and Investment. He is also the winner of a National Achiever Award of 2019 and holds a Singapore Association Membership. He has been invited to many schools and organizations and has hosted several seminars and workshops to educate, motivate and enhance the audience.

The YouTube page Mukul Agrawal has created is full of amazing content. The lectures he uploads are all consistent in nature and the way he interact with his followers is really motivating. In his lectures he shares his personal experience at the stock trading and how it works. Mukul Agrawal thoroughly conceptualize his followers all the important and significant notions and techniques of online trading. In his view, if any investor truly wants to make some profit from the stock market, then he should spend some time doing a fair bit of study and research which he offers in his courses. He wants that everyone should have an alternate source of earning. That’s why he is often found saying, ” CHALO PAISE KAMAYE. “

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