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Nika Falahi Titled As ‘The Girl With A Melodious Voice’ By Her 3.7 Million Fans 

There can be two ways to excel in any industry. Either you need to put in grueling hours of work into studying or you need to be naturally so good in the work you do that it becomes fun and games to you. For this 20-year-old, the latter was her reality. Who are we talking about? Nika Falahi! 

A young and emerging music artist , Nika Falahi was born in 2002. She has a deep interest in the field of theater, arts, culture, and music. Nika’s success story as a singer and content creator is worth reading. 

She began posting her cover songs on Instagram and was appreciated by her friends and newly found fans for her melodious voice. Singing in a melodious and soul-soothing manner came naturally to Nika. She struck a connection with her listeners and touched her heart with her beautifully penned lyrics instantly. Today, she has amassed 3.7 million followers on Instagram and is rapidly growing her fan base on the platform.

Nika’s success on Instagram as an artist catapulted her to establish an artist account on Spotify, and also venture into content creation on YouTube. To date, Nika Falahi has released songs that have become crowd favorites.

Some of the best performances of Nika Falahi are:

  • Parvaneh
  • Party Summer
  • Mehmooni
  • Entezar
  • Nafas
  • New Wave

All of her songs have received immense love from the listeners, thanks to her magical voice. She spills melody in the songs, and leaves the listeners wanting more.

Nika was recently awarded the prestigious YouTube Silver Play Button for crossing 150,000 subscribers on the platform. She achieved this milestone in less than a year after joining YouTube.

Nika plans to do some high-profile collabs with leading artists and regularly shares the updates of what’s to come on her social handles.

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