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Meet Florida’s best upcoming artist “Rvkless”

Know as “ Rvkless ” or Florida’s best upcoming artist, real name Cameron Andrew Griffin JR, 21 years old, was born in Crystal River Florida. Rvkless is an independent music artist from Tampa, Florida. In 2015, Rvkless started dropping music on SoundCloud and used to record songs out of his friend’s closet using his laptop and mic. In 2019, Rvkless joined the military (Navy) to gain more money to pursue his music career, he had to take a break from music to achieve that. He has been in the navy for almost three years and then ended up meeting his beautiful wife and together they had their daughter. As of now, Rvkless lives in San Diego, California. As an upcoming artist, Rvkless works hard on his music and he still finds time to write and record songs while being in the Navy, quite impressive and talented as not much people would be able to do such things. His goal is to achieve recognition as an artist, he has all the talent needed and ambition, he just needs people to know who he is. Rvkless offers entertainment with his music also listening his music provides therapy to people. Listening to his art craft makes people understand they aren’t the only one going through the struggle and pain as they can relate to him.His career is based on pure motivation and ambition As a music artist no one wants to take you seriously until they actually hear that you have talent now you can have all the talent in the world but if no one knows who you are then it’s for nothing. He wants everyone to know who he is and what his  music sounds like before he dies. He doesn’t care what it takes. Rvkless is an artist who stopped at nothing to make his dreams into reality. Rvkless performed on an Navy aircraft carrier called the Carl Vinson as part of the Talent show. For future plans, Rvkless is about to drop 3 new music videos and has

planned a new mixtape called “StarGaze” which is going to include 10 songs, It will be released on all music platforms. His short term goal is to continue growing as a business with his music and eventually becoming an International Artist. Long term goal is to be known as the greatest artist alive and to become the #1 selling artist in America as a lot of his fans showed Rvkless that he has the talent and the sound to do that.

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