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Users Of NV Energy Can Rejoice As Their Power Rates Are Decreasing

Nevadans will see a drop in their energy rates similarly as the temperatures in Southern Nevada arrive at their typical burning summer triple-digit levels.

The Public Utilities Commission approved on Tuesday a modification to NV Energy’s quarterly energy rates that will reduce residential customers’ power bills by 2.9% overall. The lower rates will be in effect from July 1 through the end of September.

Albeit electric rates are set to be lower, electric bills are as yet expected to be high as more power will be required for cooling units to fight the delayed summer temperatures. During the summer, NV Energy’s electric load is approximately two and a half times higher than during other times.

For single-family residential customers in Southern Nevada, NV Energy anticipates an average July electricity bill of $304 and $180, respectively.

The effects on residential ratepayers are as follows:

Southern Nevada single-family private clients will see a 2.87 percent rate decline, which will bring about a normal bill reduction of $5.58.

The average bill for multi-family residential customers in Southern Nevada will decrease by $3.49 as a result of the 3.01 percent reduction.

Domestic service customers in Northern Nevada will see a decrease of 8.29 percent, or $11.38 on average.

Domestic multi-family service customers in Northern Nevada will see a decrease of 8.55 percent, or $6.69 on average.

NV Energy likewise entered a limitation concurrence with the Department of Customer Security. The condition grants NV Energy the rates it requested while also requiring the company to forego a carrying charge of $3 million, which it would normally be entitled to if deviations from rate adjustments were approved.

“The expectation is an agreement goal of the issues as per the signatories discussions and is a sensible suggestion and goal of the issues in this procedure,” said the request endorsed by each of the three PUC chiefs.

The PUC’s decision concludes a process for quarterly rate adjustments that was more complicated than usual. In most cases, these alterations are approved weeks rather than days before they take effect. Southwest Gas had its second from last quarter rate change — which will increment rates — endorsed recently.

In order to provide some relief to its customers during the summer, NV Energy stated that it wanted to deviate from the usual quarterly rate adjustment procedure.

According to NV Energy president and CEO Doug Cannon, “We know that energy bills are at their peak during the summer due to high electricity usage, and this proposal helps reduce costs when customers need it the most.”

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