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Digital Marketing Phenom, Jonathan Rivera, uses his Past Experiences to Excel

Digital marketing is a consistently evolving field which requires experts to adapt and maintain a mental fluidity towards new popular trends and new mediums of creative expression. While marketing is something anybody can learn, it takes a special type of outgoing and entrepreneurial spirit to truly make the most out of the small and ever changing windows in which to implement strategies with the maximum impact. Jonathan Rivera is this special type of expert. Through a unique set of experiences throughout his academic career, and his professional career, Rivera’s journey reveals the attention to detail and opportunistic mentality that is required to reach prominence and garner respect from major players in the digital marketing landscape.

Jonathan was born on St.Croix Virgin Island (A US territory) to Immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic. When he was 8, he moved to Manchester, New Hampshire where he would ultimately attend Memorial High School until junior year. During his senior year, he moved again to Dr. Phillips in Orlando, Florida and finished his schooling there. During his time in high school, Rivera cultivated his passion for music production which set the course of his career towards becoming a digital marketing phenom. He proceeded to attend Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida, the first music based university at the time. It was there that Jonathan’s marketing talent flourished when he began managing artists and used the power of social media to get 3 colleagues signed to major record label deals.

Rivera decided that focusing on only music was too limiting and took the marketing skills he learned managing artists and their social media accounts and applied it to clients across multiple industries with great success. Rivera would ultimately partner with business mogul, Xerxes Frechiani, to form the premier marketing agency, Double X Media.

Leveraging their wide array of connections and digital marketing expertise, the powerhouse team regularly began delivering 10x-20x returns for their clients in both profitability and social media presence. “Never be afraid to challenge yourself,” says Rivera. “Put yourself in uncharted territory and activate your mad scientist mindset. Learn to apply the tools you have in a context that nobody else would think of.”

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