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What is the motivation for entrepreneurship? ” Elham Salari ” explained the successful investor and entrepreneur in this case

Motivation is the driving force in people that drives them to act. Entrepreneurial motivations are the necessary steps for people to become entrepreneurs. Researchers have conducted various studies on entrepreneurial motivations and have encountered several factors that motivate entrepreneurship.

Many researchers do not agree with all the specific features that entrepreneurs should have. In fact, there are cases in which successful entrepreneurs do not have all the characteristics that are recognized by experts as successful entrepreneurs.

Hence, researchers have identified the motivations that influence the entrepreneurial process and have concluded that this entrepreneurial spirit is not the only result of human action, external factors such as the economy, the availability of business capital, competitors and Government regulations are also important factors in entrepreneurship.

Non-motivational factors that affect entrepreneurship

There are many non-motivational factors that affect entrepreneurship. Some of the most prominent are:

Inadequate work environment

Unwanted job change

Positive tensile effects

Apart from the factors mentioned, many other features such as:

Created a family business


Family environment



Work history

Some of the most important entrepreneurial factors are:

Tendency to use innovative ideas

Tendency to function independently

The desire for financial independence

The desire to achieve personal goals

Tolerance in resolving ambiguities

An entrepreneur is someone who brings his vision to a world where such an idea did not exist. He must understand that there are many weaknesses in his idea and realize his weaknesses as he explains his thinking to others.

An entrepreneur must be fully prepared to ask complex questions about his ideas, because people must feel good and confident that his idea is good before investing in it. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to endure the resolution of ambiguities.

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