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The OPPO Find N3 Flip Android 14 Open Beta is now available

For its range of compatible devices, Oppo is presently rolling out ColorOS 14 updates based on Android 14. The stable Android 14 update has already been installed on a large number of devices, although some are still being tested to fix any lingering problems. The newest device in this phase is the Oppo Find N3 Flip (review), which was just updated to the Android 14 open beta. As a result, those who are interested can apply to receive access to the upgrade and experience Android 14 ahead of the official stable release.

The company is looking for 5000 people to be a part of the Android 14 Beta Testing Programme, according to the official statement. You must be very interested in ColorOS, have a solid grasp of mobile technology, and be willing to put up with any possible bugs in Alpha versions in order to be eligible. This is a chance for people who are prepared to devote some time to comprehensive testing in order to help find and fix any problems with the Android 14 release.

The dates for recruitment are December 28 through December 31. Prior to applying for the Beta Test, confirm that your device is up to date to version (CPH2519_13.2.0.200(EX01)).

Important things to think about:

  • Stability Warning: There could be some instability in the Open Beta Test version. Recognise the hazards and prepare for sporadic problems.
  • Backup Your Data: To prevent any possible data loss, safeguard your critical data before the update.
  • Optimisation Overdrive: Following the upgrade, your device may see transient problems including heating, lagging, and rapid energy consumption. With time, these should become normal.
  • App Compatibility: There may be compatibility problems with certain third-party programmes. To improve the experience, update them to the most recent version.
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