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EU Users Using iOS 18 will Have the Default Navigation App Determined by Apple

To everyone who celebrates Digital Markets Act Day, happy day. The company has released a report titled “Apple’s Non-Confidential Summary of DMA Compliance Report” that details the current policy modifications. Apple details more upcoming updates that will be available to EU users later this year and early next year in the 12-page paper.

First off, starting early in the following year, Apple will permit European Union iPhone owners to replace Apple Maps as their default navigation app:

Additionally, Apple intends to give users in Settings a new default control for navigation apps. By March 2025, Apple hopes to have this solution ready.

According to that timeframe, iOS 18 customers in the EU should anticipate seeing the modification.

Before the year is out, Apple plans to release an iOS upgrade that will include the capability to remove Safari from the iPhone. Apple already permits customers to designate any third-party browser as their iOS default browser. Third-party web engines are supported as well, and when EU users use Safari for the first time, they are reminded of this capability as part of iOS 17.4.

With “a secure solution for users to authorise developers to access data related to their users’ personal data (to the extent it is available to Apple and users have consented to their personal data being shared with the developer),” Apple also intends to expand app analytics data globally later this year.

Finally, Apple says it will add further data portability features for data from App Store accounts. From the most recent version of the document:

It is possible for users to plan weekly downloads of their App Store data for 180 days or daily downloads for thirty days. The information given is current and matches the information that Apple has access to at any given moment after receiving a request from a user. Following the completion of the planned downloads, new requests may be made.
Users always have the option to review and remove access for third parties.

Apple intends to update its user data portability feature even more. Users can transfer data across devices running various operating systems with the use of migration tools provided by third parties. Apple is working on a solution to enhance the options available to mobile operating system providers for transferring data from an iPhone to a non-Apple phone in a more user-friendly manner. By the autumn of 2025, Apple hopes to have this option ready. In addition, Apple is developing a method for switching between browsers on the same device by saving and importing pertinent browser data. Apple plans to release this solution in late 2024 or early 2025.

When considering next iOS releases, fall 2025 may bring iOS 19, which could include new iPhone to non-iPhone transfer options.

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