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The Next Major Charging Infrastructure To Use Tesla’s’standard’ EV Plug Is Electrify America

The North American Charging Standard, also known as Tesla’s NACS electric vehicle charging plug, will now be supported by Electrify America. The business said on Thursday that it will work to get the NACS connector into charging stations that are “existing and future” by 2025.

This does not imply that Electrify America is abandoning the Combined Charging System (CCS), a standard utilized by electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers such as Ford, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, and General Motors. According to the company, both the NACS connector and the CCS plug will continue to be available. However, the Nissan Leaf’s aging CHAdeMO connector, which it also offers at its stations, is not mentioned.

In any case, Jolt America’s arranged NACS support is a success for Tesla. The organization, which works 850 charging stations and 4,000 individual chargers in the US and Canada, has one of the greatest charging networks in North America. It currently broadcasts in 46 states in the United States.

Tesla’s charger has been purchased by electric vehicle rivals such as General Motors, Ford, Volvo, Rivian, and Polestar since it opened its NACS connector last year. The NACS connector will also be supported by ChargePoint, EVgo, Blink, and other well-known charging stations. In addition, the standards organization SAE has stated that it will adopt Tesla’s previously exclusive plug.

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